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 Meet Jake Benjamin

In life, sometimes where you begin is where you belong. A few years ago, singer-songwriter Jake Benjamin made a left turn from his core self of being a musician that sent him on a winding, self-reflective odyssey through states and states of mind. Today, he announces his return to music with his aptly-titled debut EP, Finally Back Home, an exquisite collection of jazz-tinged pop.

Jake is one of those rare gifted artists that early on could sing better than they could speak. Yet, when it came time to go to college, Jake decided to pursue a career as a music business professional, and chose not to fine tune his prodigious talents. However, while in college, Jake became reacquainted with songwriting and discovered the beauty of jazz. “I fell in love with the fact that music could be an exchange of energies between two people,” Jake shares.

The New York-based artist earned his bachelor’s degree from University of Miami’s Frost School of Music’s Music Business and Studio Music & Jazz programs, and earned his master’s degree from Indiana University’s prestigious Jacobs School of Music where he studied voice. Because of this formal training, core to Jake’s aesthetic is his sophisticated harmonic compositional vocabulary. During his studies, Jake has been fortunate to share the stage with renowned artists like Tierney Sutton, Darmon Meader, James Newton Howard, Kate McGarry, Cyrille Aimée, and many more.

Jake tempers this studied musicality with adventurous artistic explorations via a loop station. His innovative approach with this technology treats the loop station as a compositional tool through which he explores the possibilities of vocal layering, beatboxing, and body percussion. “I write original music for the millennial wallflower, and I reimagine jazz repertoire to make tunes my own. The stories in my songs are about me, or somebody I know. I don’t like to make up stories of things I didn’t go through,” Jake says. 

These days, Jake is in New York music making within a community of musicians and friends. His next release, however, will showcase his solo artistry with a collection of songs themed around Vincent van Gogh. These recordings will highlight concepts of the psyche, the human condition, and they will showcase Jake’s innovative use of his looper station.



Cover Illustrated by Abby Cohen

Cover Illustrated by Abby Cohen

4 Hours - out on december 6th

The second of the loop pedal trilogy, 4 Hours is a song of emotional stirrings that come from a dream encounter with someone in a New York snowstorm. The story describes the idea of meeting someone perfect who lives in a completely other side of the world. Thus, from the dream comes the concept of obsession and expectation and unfortunately, the reality that there was a potential connection that can never be anything more.

Produced by Gabriel Berenbaum and Russell Pollack at PMGRNT Productions


Cover Illustrated by Abby Cohen

Cover Illustrated by Abby Cohen

Bound to You

This single features Jake Benjamin’s compositional style of his loop pedal into his compositional style. With use of the overdubbing of his vocals in several different capacities, Jake Benjamin offers a glimpse into his delicate and heartfelt storytelling. Serving as the first in a three-single trilogy depicting a journey into young adult connection, Bound to You is a song dedicated to the ones who will never leave your spirit no matter where you go. The ones who you love unconditionally and eternally

Produced by Gabriel Berenbaum and Russell Pollack at PMGRNT Productions

Cover Illustrated by Rachel Rodgers and Scott Kerecman

Cover Illustrated by Rachel Rodgers and Scott Kerecman

Finally Back Home


Jake Benjamin - vocals

Kyle Schardt - guitar

Ellie Pruneau - piano

Mark Edlin - drums

Elena Escudero - vocals (Siren Song, The Blower’s Daughter)

Kathryn Sherman - vocals (Siren Song, Reach for Me)

Recorded and Mastered by Jake Belser at Primary Sound Studios